3rd – 4th September 2011 // Attainable Affordable Accessible

It was brilliant! Thank you!

The very first aspex Art Fair ever was brilliant! The weekend at the gallery had a very nice atmosphere and buzz, and we loved meeting all the artists and seeing all the great art.

Thank you for coming, selling, looking, chatting and buying!

We hope you enjoyed it, too!



Kingsley Nebechi

Illustrator Kingsly Nebechi currently lives in the UK but was born and raised in Italy. One of his biggest inspirations is his home town in Tuscany where he first got interested in art, typography and architecture.

“My work means various things to me. I’m extremely fascinated by human emotions, life and poetry so most of the work I do has some sort of feeling and movement. My work helps me express myself a lot too and allows me to show a different side of me.” (Kingsley Nebechi)

News! There will be a special event on the opening day of the Art Fair:

We are happy to announce that artist Claire Prosser will do her performance ‘Breath’ in the gallery on Saturday at 2pm. You can see some interesting balloon action there…

There will be 19 exhibiting artists at the aspex Art Fair now, as Spencer ‘The Zookeeper’ from Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables in Brighton joined the club.

More information about him shortly…

A few artists already brought in some of their works in the past few days – fantastic! We can’t wait to see all the great art at the weekend!

Ashley John

Southsea based artist Ashley John graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Illustration last year.

He often combines his own hand drawings, collaged ephemera and found textures to create intriguing mixed media images.

The prints that Ashley John will sell at the aspex Art Fair are the beginning of a collaborative project to illustrate Markus Lloyd’s poem “Brothers”.

Local artist Tristan Savage is one of the guys who set up Strong Island three years ago, a site designed to promote local events and inform people about the Portsmouth and Southsea scene. People in Portsmouth love it.

This is what he says about his Tricorn prints that he will sell this weekend at the Art Fair:

“I decided to depict the Tricorn, an iconic building for many in the Portsmouth and Southsea area. Demolished in 2004 after standing for 38 years, The Tricorn Shopping Centre was always a source of inspiration for me. Although many saw it as an eyesore, there were people, like myself, who saw it as a thing of beauty.” (Tristan Savage)

Laura Wolfram

Laura Wolfram is a Winchester School of Art graduate and advertises her work as illustration, animation, print.

She has created these lovely collages – “experiments based on overcoming the fear of swimming at night”, as she says.

And there will be more lovely works of hers at the Art Fair this weekend.

Don’t miss it!